Many people living with dementia and care partners are at increased risk for isolation, a strong risk factor for poor health and quality of life outcomes. Businesses, organizations and spaces that are not accessible can increase this risk and lead to decreased participation and feelings of connectedness, creating unseen obstacles to living life to its the fullest.  Such systems reinforce the stigmas attached to dementia.

The Public Space committee seeks to reduce these barriers and increase engagement of people living with dementia and their care partners in our community.

Some of this committees past and present initiatives include:

  • Dementia Friendly Business Training efforts,
  • Development and support of dementia specific programs and materials for Dementia Friendly Organizations and Committees (book clubs, memory cafes, musical programs, theater programs, in-home programming through community access tv, etc),
  • Involvement in public community planning and visioning work groups,
  • Collaboration with community committees focusing on disability issues and advocacy.

For more information, or to get involved, please contact Dayna Thompson at 812.353.9299 or