Dementia does impact, but it does not define. The Community Dementia Alliance stands strong to support the community through shared experiences. Ours is a journey through HOPE and THRIVING.

CDA Members – Left to Right; Jerry Gonyo, Dick Morrison, Wendy Rubin, Natalie Stant, Lois Sauder, John Sauder.

CDA Mission:

A subcommittee of Dementia Friendly Bloomington, we are persons who are living with, or caring for, someone with Dementia.  From our growing personal experiences, we work at reimagining our lives, advocate for caregivers, and empower professionals as we grow in our understanding of Dementia.

For more information or if you would like to join the CDA in their mission, contact Amanda Mosier at or call 812-353-9310.

Some Members of the CDA advocate for legislative changes at the Indiana State House.

Most Recent Newsletter Highlights

Thankful Community Campaign a success!

The Campaign was a success! Thank you to all of those who sent gifts to our Healthcare Heroes!

We can always try to show or gratitude to those who are on the front lines caring for those who are special in our lives, but we know the sacrifices you make, and no gift will ever be enough.

In March we will highlight some great Professional Caregivers for our 4th Annual Caregiver Recognition event! Your community cares and the Community Dementia Alliance wants to make sure you know they do too! If you would like to nominate an Outstanding Caregiver, click here to learn more.

Thank you to all our Healthcare Heroes!

We Appreciate You!

CDA Members; Susan and Steve Taylor