Dementia does impact, but it does not define. The Community Dementia Alliance stands strong to support the community through shared experiences. Ours is a journey through HOPE and THRIVING.

CDA Mission:

A subcommittee of Dementia Friendly Bloomington, we are persons who are living with, or caring for, someone with Dementia.  From our growing personal experiences, we work at reimagining our lives, advocate for caregivers, and empower professionals as we grow in our understanding of Dementia.

For more information or if you would like to join the CDA in their mission, contact Amanda Mosier at or call 812-353-9310.

Some Members of the CDA advocate for legislative changes at the Indiana State House.

Newsletter Highlights

Given this year’s struggles we have seen so many heroes step up and take care of those in need. At the beginning of this Pandemic we saw gifts of thanksgiving and appreciation sent to our Healthcare Heroes. As the year continues, we are seeing those same Heroes go the extra mile to keep up with the marathon. The Holidays are fast approaching, and these heroes are the ones who will keep our relatives and friends company as we still are not able to always be by their side due to safely distancing. So, over the next 30 days we want to start a campaign in Monroe County, Indiana through the Community Dementia Alliance to send gifts of gratitude and relief to our Healthcare Heroes!

You can send a meal, or breakfast or even a basket of snacks and drinks to support them in their daily work. Starting November 18th through December 18th, you can send a gift of $50 or more to have a gift delivered to the healthcare facility, hospital or agency of your choice. Leave a message of gratitude to be delivered with the gift as well.

Go to choose the gift and message or fax a written order and message on the form enclosed to 812-353-5787 and we will reach out to you to complete your order.

As part of this Campaign we want to again recognize the Outstanding Professional Caregivers Award recipients of 2020.

There are good things happening this year despite the Pandemic and we want to say…

Thank you to all our Healthcare Heroes!

We Appreciate You!